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Organic Blood presents with LoVe: The Eco Lounge

When we create events we do so with the thought of providing space that we really want to be a part of.  San Diego is a beautifully progressive city with a huge population of plant eaters.  We love that!!  We want to provide space for the herbivores to gather, eat, dance, sing, and connect with others. On June 30th we did just that.  The Eco Lounge was held at The Center for a Healthy Lifestyle in Solana Beach.  This center has been estabilished for the children at the Boys and Girls Club to come and learn how to garden and grow food.  They have done a wonderful job.  The ambiance at this “house” is inviting.  There’s a huge garden in the back filled with fresh food that you can grab and eat, and the front yard has a large deck patio with a fountain of running water. Inside the center is a large open kitchen which was perfect for Organic Blood/Planet Fuji chefs to create their magical delights.  In the kitchen Chef Matthew Purnell and Fuji Love served up RAW and Vegan food ready to order.  Amongst the delights we had black bean tacos with macademia nut sour cream and pineapple salsa, a black and brown rice melody with garlic herb mushrooms on top, and asian stir fry.  On our RAW food menu we had Summer Solstice Sun Burgers with fresh made ketchup, Pesto Spaghetti, Smokey Ginger Kale Salad, and 7 Layer Dip with Purple Corn Chips. Of course everything was organic and most of the produce was purchased at our local farmers market.  We had a bar going all night long serving SUPERFOOD Tonic Elixirs.  Some people were a bit tired from their day so they chose a tonic to give them energy, some people wanted to feel more mellow so they chose an appropriate tonic, and some people wanted to get in a love mood for after the party so they chose their elixir 🙂 We brought in THE BEST DJ we could find and of course, he’s a plant eater just like us.  DJ Dash Eye of the Tribe of Kings spun reggae music that really set the tone for the night. We were able to serve over 100 people throughout the night and the energy in there was inspiring.  Everyone got to connect with old friends and meet new friends. We had about 5 different Meet Up groups representing including members from our own Once the night started to wind down and everyones bellies were content, an impromtu open mic session started.  We had live poetry and rhymes and laughs. It was difficult to get everyone to leave, people simply didn’t want to disconnect from the vibe we collectively created.  Even after all the crew had packed up and shut down the spot, there was still people hanging out totally engulfed in conversation lol. Thank you to everyone who came and don’t worry, there will be more.  Look for the Eco Lounge to be open at least once a month and as we grow we will open it more frequently.  For the next one we are planning to incorporate yoga, more open mic time, and low lights for dancing 🙂


Organic Blood’s celebrating 2 years with NUG Magazine

NUG Magazine is distributed monthly throughout San Diego and supports local arts, creativity and they of course keep the city updated and educated on the cannabis and hemp culture. Tiffany Janay contributes monthly columns on holistic lifestyle living. Her column has become a favorite amongst the Twitter community specifically. The magazine is growing at a strong and steady pace which is inspiring considering they are a grass roots company owned by a husband and wife. Couples in business together are great!

Organic Blood was proud to sponsor their celebration.

Malik and I brought some of the Bloodline out with us to join in the celebration…

Kron & Venus of came out to support

Aaron of Green Brothers & Fuji Love

Gio Blitz from NUG holdin the staff down always

Look what she did to her shirt. Fresh!

We were so excited to see OUR LOGO all over the screens throughout the club! 

Found some Organic love at SPIN night club, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. Fuji Love got excited when she seen it in the bathroom, she said “yea we can wash our hands tonight!”. We don’t use the hot pink soap they usually give out in the bathroom, what is that?! What goes on the skin goes in the blood and we gotta keep it organic. Thanks Dr. B for sponsoring the event and holdin down us OB’s.

Thank you NUG for a great 2 years of personal expansion and for allowing me to fulfill my goals. Now let’s get ready for national distribution!!



Organic Blood in conjunction with The Hemp Industry Associations National Hemp History Week campaign, brought to the city of San Diego a Hemp Edible & Wearable Fashion Show. The event was held at Queen Bee’s Cultural Center and featured DOPE fashion from designers such as Livity Outernational, Satori, Dime Bags, Sativa Bags, Jungmaven, Hemp Hoodlamb, and Hempys.

Our guests got to taste many different hemp flavors from companies such as Nutiva, Manitoba Harvest, Ruths Hemp Food, Rejuvenative, Kombucha 2000, and Natures Path.

The event was created to educate the people about the fact that as U.S. citizens we are federally prohibited from growing hemp for industrial purposes which is causing the funneling of millions of dollars to be spent boosting other countries economies.

Help us spread the word and be apart of our momentum in getting the government to DECRIMINALIZE HEMP!!

Hemp Edible & Wearable Fashion Show

MAY 8th 2011:

Organic Blood presents The Hemp Edible & Wearable Fashion Show in honor of National Hemp History Week!

Special guest speaker David Bronner (President of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap)

Hemp Foam Shower in the parking lot-check out the video to know what to expect!

Vegan food vendors, free giveaways, education, full catwalk, Dubstep, 3D art walls, good vibes, raffles, free spiritual readings….  COme discover the new standard.

For more info email love@organicblood or call 619-320-8483

RSVP on our Facebook invite

Sponsored by:

Nutiva, Dr. BronnerBova Dosa, Nug Magazine, Ecotopiia, Hemp History Week

The Benefits of Acupuncture

Check out our newest Organic Blood TV episode.  Tiffany Janay has her first treatment of acupuncture.  Also, be sure to pick up a Nug Magazine to read the article that goes with this video.  Have you ever had acupuncture?  What was your experience?


Let me feed you….

If you are in San Diego, this weekend we are hosting a raw food dinner to showcase the culinary art of our friend, Chef Fuji.  The dinner is in La Mesa Sunday March 6th from 4-6.  Here’s the details.  Hope to see you there:


Take your mouth for a tasty trip down south of the border.  Join us for a private lunch and experience a fresh fiesta of flavors with a twist of raw soul.

Chef Fuji will be taking traditional flavors and recreating gourmet culinary art. All the food will be ALIVE upon serving.

We will also share our tips on how to incorporate more living and healthy foods into your lifestyle to achieve optimal health and wellness.

This will be outdoor seating so please plan accordingly.

We will be eating as a group so arrive on time.

$25 per adult.

Must prepay.  RSVP with number of guests and a link to pay via Paypal will be sent to you.

(subject to change slightly)

Agua de Jamaica
Cilantro Jicama Ensalada
Heavenlayer Dip with Corn Chips

Spinach Enchiladas with Mexican Rice

Flan covered in Caramel Sauce

Chef Fuji found health and well being in Living Foods upon birthing her first child, now 5 1/2 years old.  At 23, believing the peak of living was supposed be at this time in her life, she felt unnaturally heavy, tired, and unmotivated to move. After discovering various cleansing techniques, raw nutrition made an appearance in many articles and books. The repetition of cleansing with live foods also made sense to optimize life everyday, for her and her family. Now with more life, light, and energy Chef Fuji brings her amazing Life invoking Foods to the table, for happiness, togetherness and just real deliciousness!

For questions or further info please email or call 619-320-8483.


Our Superbowl Sunday Day

We didn’t exactly watch the game, we instead got together with our people and created a game plan… In La Jolla on a cliff.

Beautiful La Jolla, CA

The Circle. Our Organic Bloodline

Shooting on the cliffs.

Meditating on a strategy

Malik Zakee & Tiffany Janay

The End