Inspiring while doing

Last year we spent Thanksgiving with my entire family.  This hasn’t been done in years.  My husband and I were the only ones who didn’t eat what was being served and instead prepared all of our own meals.  Of course we stood out and everyone wanted to know whats up.  When they asked we shared.  I remember at one point my Uncle telling me to “live a little” and to basically enjoy myself and eat what everyone else was eating.  Well, I don’t believe in living a little when I can LIVE A LOT!

The day of Thanksgiving I realized I had forgotten a few items and my Uncle took me wayyy across town to the nearest health food store to get what I needed.  That quick trip turned into hours with us getting lost but he was patient and even picked up a few items in the store.

I haven’t spoken to him since then but my mom spoke with him and he told her that he was very effected by what I had to say and decided to challenge himself to just one week as a vegetarian.  That week has since turned into 7 months and he has lost 30 pounds and feels renewed!!  He isn’t ready to fully go vegan but he is working his way into optimal health choices.

Thanks Unc, you have inspired me 🙂


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