Grow With Me

The only thing I’ve ever grown from a seed is my dog, Kali. Does that even count? I’ve had her mom, Bourgeois, since she was a puppy, and I was there the day Kali was conceived and the day she was born. Yeah, that counts. But I have never grown anything that I would eventually eat.

With the way things are in our society today, it seems imperative to start growing our own food. In fact, it seems that things have gotten to this point largely because of people depending on a system and not having the knowledge, resources, or the land to provide for themselves.

Nowadays, there are GMO’s in place of real organic heirloom foods. They are doing things such as adding frog genes into tomatoes, so they are more resistant to “pests”. The whole ecosystem is changing right before our very eyes.

Where do you fit in on this change? Are you doing nothing about it and letting it evolve “naturally”, or are you doing something to dam their river, so to speak, and change the current flow?



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