Meanwhile, on Facebook…

I love that so many of you come and check out the website and my bad for not being so active but there’s plenty of past entries to keep you busy in the meantime 🙂


Follow me on Facebook, I update quite often there. I dont always have the time for that either but somedays I write things that help open a lot of people up.  Like today for example:

“Artificial flavors= artificial behavior. Eliminate the fakeness from your life and get to know who you REALLY are. + you would be doing us all a favor by cleaning up your internal toxicity so we don’t have to wallow in your spillage.”


“BREAKTHROUGH or BREAKDOWN. Many of you are being challenged in life with situations that you have spent the majority of your life running from. Your old ways of dealing with things isn’t working anymore. People aren’t as tolerant of your behavior and immature ways. You have been running from your authentic self and it is not going to stand for that any more. So breakthrough or breakdown? How are you going to deal with it? Because either way, its going to have to be dealt with. Now is the time.”

“And ladies, I get that in the past women felt surpressed and hurt by the actions of men and the women have done a great job “punishing” them for that these past few decades but as a heads up….times are changing. It is no longer going to be acceptable to use the same old tactics to punish them for what you feel is shortcomings or not meeting your expectations. The threats, cussing them out, taking away from them (possessions you bought, kids, etc), yelling, ignoring, demanding, pouting, crying, and drama filled scenes are no longer working. While you are over there acting out and attempting to make your point with these tactics, the men are leaving and finding greener pastures somewhere else. The men are just walking away. Hence, the reason why you may be single and can’t seem to find a “good man”. You’re not going to until you become a “good woman” first. Use your words. Use compassion.”

“Anybody that blames someone else for how they see themselves is an excuse to not face their own self esteem issues.” Jason Hairston

“You can’t hurt someone else without hurting yourself. So how long are you going to keep self-sabataging?”


My thoughts for the day.  Well, I had more, but these are the ones I shared.  Hope this helps with where you are at today.


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