The time has come…

CLEVELAND (AP) — An Ohio third-grader who weighs more than 200 pounds has been taken from his family and placed into foster care after county social workers said his mother wasn’t doing enough to control his weight.

The Plain Dealer reports ( ) that the Cleveland8-year-old is considered severely obese and at risk for such diseases as diabetes and hypertension.

The case is the first state officials can recall of a child being put in foster care strictly for a weight-related issue.

Lawyers for the mother say the county overreached when authorities took the boy last week. They say the medical problems he is at risk for do not yet pose an imminent danger.

A spokeswoman says the county removed the child because caseworkers saw his mother’s inability to reduce his weight as medical neglect.

One thing I can’t stand is the fact that the government owns people’s children and assumes the right to take them away from their families as they see fit.  HOWEVER, the weight issue and poisoning of kids is getting far too out of hand and someone should be stepping up and doing something about it.  There are children that are constantly sick, being forced pills that the parents themselves dont even really know what is in that pill, and are not being fed proper nutritious foods.  Your kids affect our future! 

If this case is happening then it will be used as an example to happen in lots of other states and perhaps may affect your home.  Please seek out the necessary guidance and knowledge to get yourself and your family healthy and thriving so that you wont be the next family in the headlines.

Do you agree with the state taking away the child?


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5 thoughts on “The time has come…

  1. Lisa A Cervantes, Esq. November 28, 2011 at 6:35 pm Reply

    On one hand, I do agree with the “statement” the state is making on this issue, because I strongly feel that it is in fact CHILD ABUSE to overfeed a child. On the other hand, I wish American lawmakers and judges were not so “punishment” oriented, and chose instead to make laws and orders that would really make a practical difference, i.e. sending in a nanny/cook to that family a few times a week to educate them on proper nutrition, or require the parents to attend such classes with the children. That would change some of their core values and give the child(ren) a new healthier relationship with food.

    • organicblood November 28, 2011 at 6:54 pm Reply

      Yes Lisa that is a great solution. Because its not the parents faults necessarily, they need help too so education would be a great gift.

  2. Ginger November 28, 2011 at 11:16 pm Reply

    Parents should be EDUCATED, not punished. Many people overfeed their children because they do not realize the harm they are doing. I feel that parents of obese children should be mandated to attend nutritional classes. It is so easy for good nutrition to be a family activity once people learn about it! Tearing a family apart because the child is obese is NOT the answer. It would definitely affect the child’s emotional state, which could lead to even bigger problems later on down the road.

    • organicblood November 28, 2011 at 11:53 pm Reply

      You are right Ginger. I think they need to be educated too. Thats a huge shock for everyone involved to just remove them. I’m just glad that this type of issue is being brought to light though so people can begin to heal and take it more seriously.

  3. Chi December 18, 2011 at 3:45 am Reply

    The real problem is that their is no more government….Just big corporations. They don’t have you or your children’s best interest in mind. they are in the business of making money. If the kids are this obese imagine what the parents weigh. The real problem is (institutionalized miseducation).

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