Every month on the new moon, our family gathers usually with good friends too, and we join our energy together and write out our manifestations.

We use the power of the elements to create what we want to bring to life.  It may be something material like a  new home, more money, a new car, etc.  Or it could be something more personal like help with controlling your mood, or to be more loving, more compassionate, more focused.

We let the kids write out whatever they want and often times we get fun things like a hot chick sexy chick as their wife, a butler to clean their mansion, and the fastest car in the world!  Lol. 

Other times they write out personal goals such as being a better sibling, being more respectful to their elders, a better student of life.

This ritual keeps all of us focused on our true power within.  A monthly reminder that life is exactly as we create it. 

If you write out your manifestation lists write it as if you already have it and then use time to bring you towards your truth.  Example: I have an abundance of everything I want.

Happy manifesting!


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One thought on “Manifest

  1. Chi December 18, 2011 at 3:35 am Reply

    Bruce Lipton PHD on “The Joe Rogan Experience” talking about the power of energy

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