Change yourself to change others

When Malik and I (Tiffany) discovered the truth about food and the body we were so inspired and couldnt wait to share what we had found with our loved ones.  The problem was that when we started telling them that we had discovered the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH people became angry with us and we were outcast!  It took us some time to recover from what the hell had just happened and find a better approach to sharing what we knew with people and we discovered that the best way to do was to not say nothing.  Just focus on ourselves and go as deep as we could and those who wanted to know more would ask.  It worked!!!

My sister in law recently has been slowly coming into discovering what we found and is really inspired.  She hasn’t eaten meat in months and is slowly making changes and she is looking mighty mighty glowing and beautiful and light.

One of the greatest loves that we found in our transition has been coconut oil and Regina is just now falling in love.  Here is a story from someone on the path that many of you are battling with.  Allow her words to inspire you and know that it all starts with one step at a time.  If you can’t do anything else, at least incorporate some coconut oil in your life!!  Here is her story:

I just wanted to share with you all my new discovery of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – My sister in law (Tiffany) told me of the benefits years ago, but I was too stubborn to really listen to all the health benefits – well I’ve recently began paying attention to LABELS and have found that we are loading our bodies up with TOXINS in just about every product we use weather it’s food we eat or products we use on our body.
Most of you know that I generally use an expensive face product – the wash is 5.1 oz for $16.00 and the moisturizer is 3.4 oz and retails at $150 (I only buy it when it’s on sale for $65 – ridiculous!!) – well in my quest to find a more natural product free of a thousand list of ingredients I can’t even pronounce I had ordered some Tropical Traditions Organic Liquid Soap -here is the link on their site – – I bought it with the intentions of replacing my anti-bacterial hand soaps – figuring lets start there since I wash my hands a hundred times a day, lol! I read that Tropical Traditions Natural Liquid Soaps are made from 100% organic Virgin Coconut Oil, and nothing else. The scented varieties have organic essential oils added. These are packaged in a special foam pump dispenser that adds air to the soap, causing a rich lather of foam to come out. Once I ran out of my Patricia Wexler face wash I decided to try the liquid soap for a face wash and I LOVE IT! especially sinces it’s all natural Virgin Coconut Oil and nothing else! and it was even more of a PLUS that you can buy an 8oz bottle for only $ 7.50 (they always go on sale – today they are $6.50 – but I’ve bought them as low as $5.50) – so right there you can see I’ve got 3 more oz for less then Half the price of my normal wash that was loaded with toxins!
About a year ago listening to Tiffany I started using Organic Virgin Coconut Oil -again here is the link – as my body moisturizer (still had an occasional bottle of lotion around, but mostly used the CO) – and I had noticed that my skin felt silky and smooth, my heels didn’t get SUPER CRACKED in the summer time and actually seemed that my fat thighs were starting to shrink haha – when it dawned on me that it had to be the coconut oil that was doing the trick.  I thought it was REALLY WEIRD that I was using a cooking oil on my body, but it really has many uses and cooking was just one of them – so when my $65 face moisturizer ran out I said well lets give it a try – worried the OIL would cause me to break out – and well it didn’t! My face feels silky smooth and I’ve never had any bad break outs! So now the only thing being absorbed into my skin was all natural Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.  Anyone that has bad acne could really benefit from it – I never knew that Coconut Oil is an – Anti-inflammatory – Antimicrobial – Antifungal – Antiviral. In this book I bought when I placed my first order there are soo many testimonies of the different uses and how they’ve helped with many problems.  If you order through the links I provided above Tropical Traditions will send you that book for FREE as a thank you, trust me I bought it thinking well I guess I’ll get some info – not knowing I’d get A LOT of info & recipes – I’ve been super excited and really want to share with my family and friends so if you can give it a try I’m sure you’ll be please with the results!
If you order today they are having %10 OFF your entire purchase: Some of my friends are Coupon Queens (Chris is the winner – haha)
Coupon Code 111010 is valid until midnight EDT Monday, October 10, 2011. Enter into your cart before checking out to receive a 10% OFF discount! Coupon does not apply to Healthy Buyer’s Club discounted items. Minimum purchase of $16 applies.
If any of you decide to give it a try please shoot me an e-mail to let me know and tell me how you like it 🙂
Now if only I could get her to start taking yoga…..
Check out our youtube channel to see our videos we did on coconut oil

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4 thoughts on “Change yourself to change others

  1. Regina October 12, 2011 at 8:02 pm Reply

    Girl Yoga has been on my list! I just need to manifest the money! haha! I want to take it with Mia so we can both benefit – I know she’ll love it!

    • organicblood October 12, 2011 at 8:04 pm Reply

      Hahaha! Yeah she will. Our kids love it too. Its not always about the money though, I can go unlimited for FREE!! I manifested it to be that way.

  2. Chi December 18, 2011 at 3:16 am Reply

    I found out about coconut oil about a year ago and it def has great benifits. You can put it on wounds and cuts and it will heal faster and better than any ointment, you can also take a teaspoon daily and it will boost your immunity and metabolism.

    • organicblood December 20, 2011 at 2:02 am Reply

      Yes Chi! Thats whats up. Coconut oil has changed my life. I love what it is doing and the uses of it are endless.

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