Sustainable living….

Everyday I wake up and work, I do it from the place inside of me that desires to live 100% self-sustainable.  I want to live amongst people that want that to and create our own reality.  Grow all of our own food in LIVE fertile soil that is hydrated from LIVE and healthy water, have our energy from the sun and natural elements, create our own learning environment for our youth, and do whatever else we want!  I also would love to build my own home with my family so we can appreciate the work and what we created.

Anyone else have this dream?  Take a look at this video on a type of home we can build:

Check out what they are doing in China by clicking on this sentence.


2 thoughts on “Sustainable living….

  1. Chi October 10, 2011 at 3:10 am Reply

    I really like the idea of sustainable living.especially the way the houses are build with the landscape in mind. The question is… something like this possible on a broad scale? But I think it should..Recycled tires and cans as foundation, a smart earth friendly irrigation system. I think this could def be integrated into construction projects right now.

    • organicblood October 12, 2011 at 8:49 pm Reply

      Hey Chi, theres lots of communities of people all over the world that are doing some sort of a sustainable community. I think that we are in the trouble that we are in as a nation because everyone became so dependent on the “system”. It seems foreign that people should grow their own food and be able to provide for themselves lol. But I know that people are doing it and it is my goal to do it too so then I will know for sure that it works for ME.

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