NATURAL BEAUTY: Go inside to fix outside

One day consider making the decision to go out in public without the makeup/cover-ups.  Accept yourself for exactly how you look. If you look tired, or sickly, or whatever is the reason you put on the cover-ups, consider going inside and begin healing yourself. Beauty radiates from within and can’t be bought in a store.

If your hair and nails are brittle or dry then research what nutrients the body is lacking or what you are adding into your diet in excess that is taking the vital nutrients away from your hair and nails. If you have bags under your eyes and people comment on how “tired” you look when you don’t have make up on, figure out why you are tired and what nutrients you are lacking that is causing excess stress on your internals to make you so drained and tired. Address your stress and anger issues. If your skin is pale and brittle, read the labels of your favorite products you are putting on topically and research them. Discover that chemicals on the skin are poisonous and have harmful affects. Consider something more natural and nourishing like organic coconut oil.

You get the point?

Your external appearance is a reflection of what is going on within. You have to go inside to fix outside. And you wouldnt believe how much anger, hostility, non-forgiveness, being mean, and an overall lack of self-love shows on your outsides.

When you say “I’m happy” and your eyes show a sadness, or you do very mean things to other people, or you are covered in fake hair, fake make-up and all the best things that your money can buy- WE DON’T BELIVE YOU!!

We can all see what you are hiding anyways so stop hiding and love yourself and heal yourself.  


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