Do you meditate?

“If your mad and don’t want to meditate because you are tough, than let the world be tough.  If you are mad and want to meditate and finally decide the world is okay, than that’s up to you…Want to be mean all your life then have a mean life.  You will show it on your face and you will show it in your physical, you will be sick and sad.  ITS UP TO YOU” R. Simmons


2 thoughts on “Do you meditate?

  1. Chi September 8, 2011 at 5:39 pm Reply

    “While the world is filled with funny jokes and beautiful melodies, we miss the vast majority of them. We allow distractions to steal our attention away from the miracles that are constantly unfolding around us……Think of your mind as an e-mail box and the distractions of the world as junk mail. If you don’t clear out that junk mail, your’e not going to be able to receive all the valuable messages of inspiration ,beauty and love that the world’s trying to send you. You’ll receive the bungee jump or the car crash, as well as the occasional joke and sunset, but you’ll still only be receiving a fraction of what your’e capable of receiving.One reason meditation is such a powerful tool is because it helps you delete that junk mail and makes space for the inspirational messages you want to be getting” Russell Simmons(Super Rich)

  2. organicblood September 14, 2011 at 11:39 pm Reply

    LOVE THAT! Thank you for sharing, we need to get that book ASAP.

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