The Power of Green

The color green rules the world! I’ve heard some say that green must be God’s favorite color because it’s the most dominating color that is seen everywhere, and it seems to be associated with all things of power. Of course, we all know how powerful green money is, and our favorite herb is green with its powerful, beneficial effects.  Nature is also dominated by the color green – green leaves and green grass. There are known people that have healed themselves from serious illness all with the power of green.

There are a plethora of scientists, doctors, and regular people that swear by using the green from nature to maintain good health daily, and in time of serious illness, saturating themselves with it to restore wellness. There’s documented testimonies of people who have turned to a green juice fast to utilize the healing properties that green leafy vegetables are known to contain – people have cured themselves from such things as cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease to name a few. What is in them that is so potent and powerful? What can we do to tap into this goodness?  Let’s explore how we can use green food as our medicine.



2 thoughts on “The Power of Green

  1. Chi August 1, 2011 at 6:55 am Reply

    Very interesting……The fact that we spray chemicals into the ground to kill something that is good for us. ASSBACKWARDS!!!

  2. organicblood August 1, 2011 at 8:29 pm Reply

    Its so crazy how we have gotten this far. I get it but its time to make some changes. The big companies see an opportunity for profit and in order to maximize profit they have to maximize production. The chemicals and synthetics speeds up production but its at the cost of people’s health. Its really up to each individual person to take responsibility for the change. Capture the power and put it back in their hands. We should be growing our own food.

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