Finally I am here and posting this highly demanded blog!  My bad on the delay, its been busy in the streets.

On 1/11/11 I (Tiffany Janay) began a fast.  This is only the 2nd time in life that I have challanged myself to a fast.  The first time I did it was about 3 years ago and I did the Master Cleanse.  That time period of my life has been so beneficial to me and still is.  Amongst other great things it did for me, it helped set me on a path to living a better life and having the strength to chose better food choices for my body.  This is what started me out on following a vegan diet which means that I eliminated all animal products, chemicals, preservatives, and artificial flavors from my diet.  This set me on a path I had no idea I was destined for.  I’ve been devoting my life to self-studying ever since and have learned a tremendous amount about the functioning of my body, spirit, mind, love, and even entrepreneurship.  Purifying my diet has opened so many doors that I never expected could be opened all by making different choices about what I eat.

So the time had come for me to make another change in my life and make some new choices on food.  I’ve been wanting to explore raw foodism for a while now because everyone I meet that is a raw foodist has this amazing source of energy and protection that surrounds them.  Have you ever met someone like that?  Its very inspiring.  They seem so free and calm all the time and full of love and knowledge and all their skin has a glow.  I want in!!  Let me say this, although I do eat healthier than I used to I don’t eat nearly as good as I could.  I’m not a fresh veggie person at all!  I love cooked food all day every day so that was my challange with changing to a raw food diet.

For those that don’t know, a raw food diet is typically vegan and it means that all the food one eats has not been cooked over a tempature of 118 degrees.  Meaning you are consuming all fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc..  Its a science ya’ll and has been shown to help people overcome things that others have told them is incurable.  Its amazing!

I decided the fast was a good way to set me on a new path.  There’s all sorts of different types of fasts that one can partake in.  I decided upon doing a 3 day green juice fast and then 7 days of all raw food.  I also included detox tea and an enema once a day (my first time experiencing that as well).  I wanted to get the toxins out from me eating so much flour and sugar.  Ever since I turned 31 in October my skin has been like a teenagers.  I’ve been breaking out around my chin and neck and it is not the business.  I figured that if I fasted it would help to clear up my skin.

My fast ended a few weeks ago but I’m still eating mostly all raw foods.  My skin has gotten a bit worse and the breakouts have spread in a few other places but I’m getting it under control and not stressing over it because this is common with fasting.  Typically your body reacts harshly because it is the passing of toxins and its important to stay with the detoxing and let it pass. So thats what I’m doing.  My fast was so enjoyable and yummy that it was ALMOST too easy for me.  Raw food is delicious and it makes me feel good when I eat it.

For those of you that are interested in fasting, definitely study the different options available and also you should read Queen Afua’s book Heal Thyself.  Its a great resource all about fasting.  If you are interested in what I did here is the info:


Green juice should be made fresh by you and drank immediately.  Its simply the juicing of green vegetables such as kale, spinach, cucumbers, watercress, parsley, etc.  I added an apple to mine to give it a much desired sweetness.  Green vegetables have so much healing power in them.  Read up on cholorophyll and how it can help.  I also  add a tablespoon of spirulina to my juice for extra nutrients.

I drank this exclusively for the first 3 days whenever I felt hungry.  I sometimes switched it up and added other things to my juice like one day I had just a papaya and carrot juice, another day I juiced mostly greens but added beets, ginger, celery, or carrots.  The key is to use lots of greens but all vegetables have great benefits.


There’s a whole movement going on right now with raw foods.  People are creating pure art out of the perfectness of nature.  Its really inspiring to see what they are creating.  A raw food meal can be as simple as a salad and a dressing made from all uncooked ingredients or it can be as extensive as this:

Raw Cookie (photo courtesy of Veggie Vibes)

Sushi (photo courtesy of Veggie Vibes)

Pizza (photo courtesy of Veggie Vibes)

Eating raw foods is feeding your body with everything it needs and therefore an extreme detoxing process happens.  When you eat fresh foods like this your body responds immediately and cleans you out, meaning you will poop real good and real fast so be aware.  I got to do fun things that I’ve never done like go to lots of raw food restaurants and also went to a raw food social and met a new friend who happens to have authored a book on fasting and raw foods.  Check this out because its pretty extensive and will help you on your journey.  This book is by Raw T who is 52 years of age and has been a raw vegan for something like 20 years.

It’s going to require some research on your part if you want to go in this direction but the benefits are well worth it.  Here is a site I used information from to help me on this as well.  Hope this information is useful.  Featured in Nug Magazine’s February edition is my article specifically on raw foods so be sure to check that out when it hits the streets in a few days.  If you aren’t in San Diego I will post the link when it becomes available.

Leave a comment with any questions you may have or specific information you would like me to provide you with.


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