Is marijuana legal to smoke in California?

Today is filled with mixed emotions in California.  Prop 19 would have made history by being the first state in the U.S. to legalize cannabis and yesterday was voting day.  So did it pass?


Personally I didn’t really have a stance on if it passed or not.  Not too interested in the whole political system.  Prefer to put my energy in creating something more beneficial BUT I’m around lots of passionate people who did want to see it pass.

I’ve been in the weed industry almost my whole life but professionally for over 10 years now.  I started working with my brothers company in the 90’s in just the products side of the business.  Selling products but not the actual weed.  Feel me?  I knew what life looked like on that side my world but not until I relocated to San Diego did I get a whole other perspective of the other side of this world.

Currently in Cali medical marijuana is legal.  You can go down to the county and get a card and register as a pot smoker, medicinally of course, and then go to a store front and buy you a sack while being consulted by a Budtender.  It is so crazy to see how things have changed in such a short amount of time.  I used to want to go to Amsterdam so bad so that I could experience what is now happening right down the street from me.  Unbelievable almost.  The businesses that have been created from this is amazing. There’s parties and concerts and fairs specifically for weed smokers!  Its all fun but there’s some people that have fought tooth and nail to get create this fun for us.  In the process have had their children snatched, been put in jail, and some even expedited out of the country.

I’ve had the opportunity to mingle with the advocates for legalization or rather decriminalization of weed.  This is the other side I speak of.  Personally I have never had a run in with The Man over weed.  I’ve never had to spend a second in a hostile environment over a plant but this isn’t the reality for everyone.  These people have heart wrenching stories to tell about the pains of having their children taken from them or how it feels to be compared to a child molester and some TODAY are fighting the legal system to keep their freedom all because they choose to elevate with a plant.  Its insane.  Currently there’s a middle aged man who is facing life in prison for operating a legal medical marijuana collective.  I’ve attended a few events with the advocates and heard their stories and seen the tears.  These are the people that have felt the pain of weed not being legal.  They are the ones that go down to congress and fight to get initiatives like Prop 19 on the bill for California voters to vote on.

For them its a sad day.  To me, I’m not too sure that the whole Prop 19 bill was exactly what the people are looking for.  I think that most people thought that legalization meant freedom which was not the complete truth.  People just really want to be able to get high and not have to go to jail for it or have to pay fines for ingesting a plant.  Thats not exactly what Prop 19 was going to do for us.  I’ve heard some people admit to that but still chose to vote for it in hopes of just working out the details later.

With all things in life, its never about what its about.  It was a great effort on the advocates part and I bet that in this process people realized just how strong they are and how much weight their words carry and how much influence they could have over a group of people.  Those are all qualities that will help in so many unforeseen directions in life.  So cheer up guys.  You may have lost the battle but the war isn’t over.  This is just a milestone in an entire journey.  Rethink, regroup and keep the movement going.

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