Mind, body, spirit Expo

Organic Blood headed down to the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo at The Double Tree Inn in San Diego. I was excited to go to Double Tree because back in the days I always had a plan on how to get more of their fresh baked cookies. Not this year though, all their cookies have eggs and dairy 😦 Oh well.

The Expo was definitely different and enlightening. There was a main room for all sorts of different exhibitors. We bought some crystals and participated in some demos. We watched this man cook as he was selling top of the line pots and pans that cost like $300 for 1 SMALL pan!! I’m sure it was worth it though 🙂

They had seminars all day that you could attend that were an hour long. Very interesting…..

We went to a few. Meditation, how to read auras, and sacred geometry. My friend at Beeline was the first one to tell me about sacred geometry and its so interesting. I sucked at geometry in school but when she started talking about it it sparked me-although still confusing. The man that held the seminar came down from Bali to be at the expo and Malik and I had a chance to chop it up with him afterwards.

He told us about the flower of life and how just placing a figure like the one above in your area can completely transform energy and your health.  Amazing and hard to grasp.  Do you guys know about this?  Teach me!!

Malik enjoyed this Bio Mat thing where you lay on a heated pad thats supposed to blast you with neurons and help your health.  Or something like that.  Don’t quote me.  It was a nice break and very relaxing.

Its fun to go to unexpected events like this.  Theres a whole different world out filled with people that think and live very differently.  Go explore.


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