Its my birthday and I’m 31!!

Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee!!

Birthdays is one of the few “holidays” we celebrate over here at Organic Blood so when they come around it is exciting!!  We went to the Mind, Body, and Spirit Expo a few weeks ago and met a guy that taught us a little bit about sacred geometry and he mentioned that his booth number was 108 and had tremendous spiritual meaning.  I asked him about it and he told me that it is extremely powerful.  108 and 1008 comes up all the time for me and I’m always trippin on what the meaning is.  In case you are too here is some interesting information I found on 108.

We went to our friend Rastas house, who happens to have been born on the same awesome day as me, she’s like my twin little sister.  I baked us a Rasta and Spliffany birfday cake that was wayyyy to small for all the mouths that wanted seconds but it was overly tasty.  I made a pineapple cake with a butter cream frosting topped with kiwi, strawberries, and pineapple.  Red, yellow, and green.  Thats how we roll.  All made from scratch and no animals were tested or killed for our pleasure 🙂


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